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Clear Path Home Care utilizes the home care industry’s leading software solution, ClearCare, to empower our clients, our clients’ families and our caregivers.

ClearCare allows our agency to develop a personalized care plan and perform a home safety assessment for each new client. In addition, our agency will capture medical history information, gather a full list of medications taken daily and PRN, as well as develop a set of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs) which will be assigned to our caregivers to assist you or your loved one every time we visit. With all the necessary information about our clients’ medical, physical and emotional needs, Clear Path can ensure safety and happiness for aging in place at home. Additionally, our agency has the information to communicate with others in the medical community who play a role in our clients’ medical needs such as home health care, hospice, doctors, nurses, hospitals, assisted living communities and skilled nursing facilities.

ClearCare empowers families through the family portal where you can monitor all Clear Path activities in your loved one’s lives. The tool allows you to see caregiver schedules and tasks, review and pay invoices, and even communicate with caregivers about your loved one’s care.

Clear Path Home Care’s most valuable resource is our caregivers. Through ClearCare, our caregivers have their schedules, client care plans, home assessment information and client ADL/IADL information at all times through the ClearCare CaregiverGo app. This app requires each caregiver to be at the client’s home to clock in/out each time they visit. The app also requires the caregiver to report any “Change in Condition” in their client during each shift. This allows Clear Path Home Care to evaluate and relay to medical professionals any potential medical issues before they become critical. Communication and action are the key components to ensure our clients’ health and well-being. With ClearCare and the ClearCare CaregiverGO app, our team of caregivers and care relationship managers are connected to our clients’ status and to each other at all times.

Apple iPads

Clear Path Home Care has partnered with Apple to provide iPads to our clients and caregivers. These iPads allow our caregivers to access the ClearCare CaregiverGO app at all times in their client’s homes and ensure communication with Clear Path staff. Additionally, these iPads have been preloaded with information about Dementia/Alzheimer’s, strokes, first aid, and other valuable resources our caregivers can use to ensure our clients are safe and happy in their homes.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Coming soon, Clear Path Home Care will offer our clients Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). This solution is currently only used by hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, doctors, home health care companies, and hospice companies. RPM allows you or your loved one the ability to record your weight, blood pressure, pulse oximeter readings, blood glucose readings, or temperature instantly from your home. That information is electronically relayed to our staff to review for trends that would indicate an escalating medical condition. Our staff will then work with your chosen medical professionals to develop the next steps in your medical care. RPM allows Clear Path the ability to ensure our clients see their medical professional before a condition becomes critical.

Alexa for Vet Assist

Clear Path now offers our veteran clients the VetAssist Companion. VetAssist Companion combines patented 24/7 voice activated emergency response technology with the intelligence and entertainment of Alexa. Our military encrypted, HIPAA compliant, secure network makes homes secure and safe for our clients. Wrist bands and necklaces aren’t needed for around the clock security.

Alexa Smart Companion

Clear Path now offers all our clients the Smart Companion. The Smart Companion combines patented 24/7 voice activated emergency response technology with the intelligence and entertainment of Alexa. Our military encrypted, HIPAA compliant, secure network makes homes secure and safe for our clients. Wrist bands and necklaces aren’t needed for around the clock security.

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