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Are you searching for in-home care offering high-quality and dependable Dementia/Alzheimer’s Care in Denton County, TX?

What is Dementia?

Dementia is used to describe various symptoms of cognitive decline in adults that can progress into memory loss, loss of clarity in thoughts, and loss in mental reasoning. The most common within the Dementia syndrome umbrella is Alzheimer’s Disease. People who reach old age are most likely the ones to acquire Dementia and/or Alzheimer’s. Even so, Dementia and Alzheimer’s can both happen much earlier in someone’s life.

Early Warning Signs/ Symptoms of Dementia

  • Memory loss that meddles everyday life
  • Difficulties in proposing or solving problems
  • Challenge performing and completing common tasks at home, at work, or during recreational activities
  • Having no sense of place and time
  • Problem recognizing spatial relationships and visual images
  • Create new problems with words either speaking or writing
  • Losing things and losing the capability to retrace steps
  • Poor or limited judgment
  • Loss of interest in either work or social activities
  • Rapid changes in mood and personality

If your senior loved ones have been identified with Dementia and you are uncertain on how to cope up with it or move forward, you are not alone. In the United States, more than 6 million people suffer from Dementia, and three-quarters are individuals aged 65 or older. The burden of caring for them boils down to their adult children or closer family members or relatives. At Clear Path Home Care, it is our main goal to be a valuable and reliable care resource, support system, and upholder for you and your aging loved ones in their challenging time. We provide Dementia Care at Home on a flexible timetable for 24 hours a day.

The Dementia Care at Clear Path Home Care include the following:

  • Assist in bathing, dressing, grooming, and incontinence
  • Monitor 24/7 to lessen the risk of falls, wandering, and possible minor or major accidents
  • Help in moving to the bed and wheelchair transfers
  • Prepare healthy and nutritious meals
  • Assist them in taking their daily medications
  • Accompany and transport them to medical appointments
  • Be a companion in combating the feelings of depression and loneliness
  • Give referrals to some appropriate resources to ease the burdens of the caregivers, such as activity groups/respite services, educational programs, and caregiver support groups
  • Assess their current care management needs basing on the staging of cognitive decline
  • Create a care plan for now and in the future
  • Continues monitoring services and support to family caregivers

Dementia Care Provided in A Familiar Home Environment

At Clear Path Home Care, we work with a lot of senior loved ones who prefer to age and stay in the comfort of their homes. Nonetheless, for some aging adults with Dementia, having Dementia care in a common environment can help in handling the symptoms and decreasing the progression of the disease. Since a lot of Dementia patients suffer from feelings of anxiety, confusion, and nervousness in the new environment, in-home care is the perfect option, guaranteeing their security and safety without sacrificing their ease and comfort. Various studies have also shown that Dementia patients feel safer and more comfortable around the people they know and have formed more bonds with them. Hence, our Care Relationship Staff and Managers work untiringly to design a stable care schedule. Not only does this help build a good rapport between the senior loved one and the caregiver, but it also improves the overall care connections and adds to a safer and more comfortable surrounding for the senior loved one.

Giving the Highest Level of Dementia Care

As one of the leading dementia care providers in Denton County, TX, we understand the growing nature of Dementia and design individualized Dementia care plans that are tailored to the current abilities, needs, and character of your aging senior loved one. Our Care Relationship Managers and caregivers work hand-in-hand with the doctors of your loved ones during the whole process of Dementia Care. We track the daily changes, so we can assure that the care we provide is appropriate and necessary at all times. We will also make sure to provide you the best caregiver suitable to the needs and abilities of your aging loved one. The schedule you will choose from not only works for you, but also works for everyone in the family. The result will be at its highest level of quality care in the comfort of your home.

Whether we are helping with light and simple household chores like cooking and sweeping the floor or going out and personal care, we give in-home Dementia care with the fullest respect and dignity for your senior loved one.

How Can Clear Path Home Care Help?

At Clear Path Home Care, we offer certified Dementia and Alzheimer’s Client Relations Director to create a plan to care for our patients with decreasing cognitive abilities such as Dementia. Furthermore, we work together with their family members and relatives to prepare and educate them about what the future promises to their senior loved one’s suffering from Dementia.

Together with your Client Relations professionals, we have a team of Care Relationship Managers who work to guarantee the most qualified and experienced caregiver is assigned to your aging loved one. Our caregivers are chosen based on their background, experience, and character. Every caregiver is expected to train by our online Care Academy training program. Advanced caregivers go on to take and specialize in training to help clients with dementia.

Clear Path Home Care is your Partner in the Community

Clear Path Home Care is your neighborhood’s trusted choice for Dementia care services across not only Denton but throughout the surrounding communities. We are proud members of the communities we serve and that pride is shown in our care and services. That is why you can depend on us. Our Dementia care services are here to stay in a match-step with your loved one, each step, and journey of the way.

Let us look after your aging loved ones. With Clear Path Home Care, we ensure your family and your senior loved one receives the best and highest level of care in Denton.

For compassionate Dementia care services, visit Clear Path Home Care today! Give us a call now to learn more and we can provide you with further and helpful information.

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