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What Home Modifications Are Best for Seniors with Reduced Vision?

Personal Care at Home in Frisco TX
Personal Care at Home in Frisco TX

Vision naturally declines with age, but that doesn’t mean that seniors have to just deal with the safety hazards this can bring up. Making some minor home modifications can make a big difference in both quality of life and safety. Personal care at home can be instrumental in helping seniors and family caregivers to make these changes.

Improve Lighting

Often reduced vision benefits from better lighting. This could mean adding a few more lamps in various rooms, including night lights that turn on automatically when someone walks into the room. Increasing the wattage, if light fixtures can support that, is another good option. Using task lighting when engaging in activities like reading can help, too.

Address Flooring Issues

Seniors who are having trouble with their vision may be more likely to trip, slip, and fall. One way to reduce the possibility of this happening is to address flooring issues. Removing throw rugs or stripping damaged carpet is one option. Making floors as non-slip as possible is crucial. Home care providers can help aging adults to notice problems with their flooring and take care of things like removing slippery rugs.

Increase Contrasts

Contrasting colors are helpful for people with vision issues because they make edges stand out. Color contrasting tape on the edges of stairs, for instance, helps to make stairs more visible and less likely to create a tripping hazard. Contrasts can be used anywhere, though, with furniture, dishes, and more, to help seniors see what is going on around them.

Add Tactile Markers

For seniors who are experiencing big changes with their vision, tactile markers can be a huge help. These are things like raised bumps or dots that help seniors to identify objects, drawers, cabinets, doors, and many other items. These labels make it easier for seniors to feel confident in their own homes, even with reduced vision.

Organize Storage Solutions

Organization is absolutely vital for people with reduced vision. When it’s difficult or impossible for seniors to simply look for something they need, that can be incredibly frustrating. Everything needs to have a place and to be in it when it isn’t in use. This is another area where personal care at home can be incredibly helpful for seniors.

Add Handrails

Handrails are important in every senior’s home. For seniors with reduced vision, those handrails offer not only support but also guidance. Good places for handrails include hallways, stairways, bathrooms, and even bedrooms and living rooms.

Remove Clutter

Clutter is a big safety hazard for seniors with reduced vision. If they’re not able to see well, they’re not likely to be able to avoid clutter and they may trip and fall. Senior home care providers can help aging adults to have a clutter-free and safe home so that they’re able to maintain their mobility independently.

Home modifications for seniors don’t have to be complicated to have some big results. Keeping safety in mind is the best way to ensure that the modifications are going to be as helpful as possible. Personal care at home can help families to stay on top of what their seniors need and what modifications are likely to be most helpful.

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