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4 Ways Senior Home Care Helps Seniors Who Have Arthritis

Senior home care can help your mom or dad be comfortable and safe at home.
Senior Home Care in Frisco TX

If your senior mom or dad has arthritis that is making it difficult for them to continue living alone, but they want to live at home, senior home care can help. When your mom or dad has senior home care they will have a care provider who can help them with household tasks that are painful or difficult because of arthritis.

Millions of seniors struggle with arthritis, which can make joints swollen and painful. Seniors who have arthritis in their hands and fingers may be unable to do things like open drawers, lift dishes or glasses, hold utensils, fasten buttons, or do other movements that require fine motor skills.

Arthritis in the knees, ankles, and feet can make it very difficult for seniors to get around the house safely. But senior home care can help your mom or dad be comfortable and safe at home. Four things that a senior home care provider can do to help your mom or dad who has arthritis are:

Provide Mobility Support

Arthritis can limit mobility and increase the risk of falls. Home care providers can assist seniors with mobility aids such as walkers, canes, or wheelchairs. They can also help seniors with exercises prescribed by physical therapists to improve flexibility, strength, and balance, reducing the risk of falls and improving overall mobility.

If your senior parent needs to go out to a medical appointment a care provider can go with them to help them safely walk around, stand, and use their mobility aids.

Errands and Shopping

Doing errands, driving, and shopping are all tasks that may not be possible for your senior parent to do. But a care provider can do them so that your senior parent can stay home. Care providers can do pharmacy pickups, grocery runs, post office pickups, and other errands so that your senior parent will have everything they need to thrive at home.

If your senior parent prefers to order groceries and other items online a care provider can help them select the items they want using a smartphone or tablet, then they can pick up the order at the store.


Often seniors who have arthritis end up becoming malnourished and dehydrated because it’s too difficult for them to safely cook or use the stove. They may not be able to lift a glass, pour juice or liquids into a glass without spilling, or use utensils. Think about how often you use your hands during the day and imagine what it would be like trying to do all of those things with hands that were stiff and painful.

A care provider can take over the cooking and food preparation so that your senior parent can eat nutritious healthy meals every day. A caregiver can prepare meals, put water and juice into small easy-to-hold cups in the fridge, and make sure that your senior parent can always safely access food and drinks.


Your mom or dad won’t have to worry about the housework if they have senior home care. A care provider can do tasks like dusting, vacuuming, and laundry to make sure that your senior parent is living in a clean and safe environment.

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