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How Companion Care at Home Can Help Your Parents Downsize

Companion care at home can help your loved one with tasks like decluttering, making a plan, and prioritizing what needs to be done to downsize.
Companion Care at Home in Carrollton, TX

You may notice that your senior mom or dad is now alone, wanting to age in place, but has too much clutter. When you want them to downsize it can seem like a massive challenge when they are living on their own, and truthfully it might be really hard to do. If your loved one cannot downsize they can still downsize their stuff. This is also a challenge but there are a lot of ways companion care at home can help your loved one with these tasks. This is not something easy to ask anyone but there are ways in which companion care at home can be helpful. Here is how they might be able to help your loved one.

Companions Can Help Create a Plan

Trying to downsize or get rid of stuff with no plan whatsoever can be hard to even consider. A senior may not even know where to start or how many rooms have stuff they don’t want. Having someone at home who is a professional will greatly benefit your loved one. They can walk around a house and make a layout plan or map and they can help your senior know what to expect and create a timeline. All of this planning will help your senior mom or dad feel mentally prepared for the giant task ahead.

They Can Help a Senior Figure Out Their Needs

Not everything is trash and sometimes a senior does not want to throw something away. Companion care will help your loved one sort through items and then figure out their wants and needs. Maybe there will be a donation pile of trash or saving things for certain family members. Keeping a list of what a senior may need to give to family and friends can also help them sort out a will in the future.

Companion Care at Home Can Help a Senior Prioritize

Tackling a massive house is impossible, but doing one room at a time is more doable. Companion care at home will help prioritize the areas that need to be done first. These may be places they use the most and need to get clutter-free to remain safe, or it could be the room with the most stuff that your senior wants to donate or sell. Whatever it is, companion care at home will evaluate and help your loved one prioritize.

They Will Be There Through the Hard Stuff

Your loved one may not want to do this alone, and that is absolutely okay. They should never have to be alone through any of the hard things in life. When memories pop up they can share with the person they are with. Your loved one needs support and it is okay to get that from a professional companion.

Companions Will Be There to Listen

Often, as a senior goes through things there will be memories attached. A senior may be able to throw something away but they also may want to talk and share about the item they have kept for so long. Companion care at home is there to listen and support and that can be the best thing for your senior even if they don’t know it.

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