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Five Strategies to Prevent Senior Dehydration

Home Care in Lewisville TX
Home Care in Lewisville TX

Getting enough water in every day helps seniors to reduce health issues and complications, including urinary tract infections, kidney issues, and even cognitive problems like confusion due to dehydration. Putting a plan in place can feel more complicated than it has to be, however. Help from home care providers can make all of this a lot easier to manage on a long-term basis.

Encourage More Frequent Hydration

The best way to help prevent dehydration is to just encourage seniors to hydrate more often. Doing this means establishing some routines that help. Setting reminders and alarms is a good way to get started, because it’s easy to lose track of time since the last hydrating beverage. Keeping water bottles in easy reach helps seniors to remember to sip throughout the day, too. That visual reminder of a full bottle of water can be very motivating.

Offer More Hydrating Foods

Drinking more water is always good, but there are plenty of hydrating foods, too. Melons, fruits, berries, cucumbers, and even broth-based soups are excellent options for hydrating foods. These foods are also more nutritious than pre-packaged foods might be, which is an excellent side effect for seniors who need plenty of nutrition.

Consider Other Variables

The right level of hydration is going to vary from one day to another, often because of some significant variables. If the weather is hot, for instance, seniors may need a little more water in order to stay properly hydrated. Other factors, like illness or medication side effects, can also affect hydration needs. It’s important to check with healthcare professionals about how to account for those variables on a continual basis.

Swap Out Drinkware for More Appealing Versions

There are some aesthetic factors that can make drinking water more appealing for seniors, but they’re easy to overlook. Things like what cup or glass the senior drinks from or whether they use a straw or not can make hydration easier or more difficult. Some seniors also prefer ice water over room temperature water, or vice versa. Experimentation helps to nail down some of the things that can help.

Keep Physical and Cognitive Challenges in Mind

Something else to consider is whether seniors have any cognitive or physical challenges that are going to make hydration more difficult. Seniors who have a tough time remembering to drink because of dementia may need some different strategies to help them stay hydrated, for instance. If seniors have a tough time grasping and holding drinkware, they may be less willing to drink as often as they should. Home care providers can help with these and other challenges.

Preventing dehydration in seniors means looking at a lot of different factors to try to find the right answers both now and in the future. Home care services can offer a lot of help in managing the practical aspects of these challenges. They can also help family caregivers to stay on top of how well their seniors are doing with hydrating as often as they should.

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