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Home Care Jobs in Denton, TX with Clear Path Home Care

How we select and place caregivers

At Clear Path Home Care, we understand the many different aspects of providing quality care and believe clients deserve an exceptional caregiver. We use a thorough screening process including criminal background checks, previous employment inquiries, reference checks, and random/routine drug testing to maximize the quality of the caregivers that we refer to our families. Male and female caregivers are available to meet the individualized needs of the client. 

We continuously train, monitor, evaluate, and communicate with the caregivers to ensure client and caregiver satisfaction. In addition, Clear Path Home Care utilizes a PRN (as needed) list of back-up caregivers, including our office staff and owners—who have more than 50 years of nursing and caregiving experience combined—to guarantee there will always be a qualified resource available to care for your loved one. Our compassionate, knowledgeable staff and caregivers are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive care available to ensure our clients’ needs are met and expectations are exceeded.

We are always looking for exceptional professionals to join our team. If that’s you, please click the “Apply Now” button below. We look forward to meeting you!

Clear Path Home Care Benefits:

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Mileage Reimbursement
  • 401k

Our Job Openings


Clear Path Home Care knows that it takes a special type of person to provide home care assistance to others. We’re always looking for compassionate, dedicated, and reliable caregivers to add to our team—people who want to make a difference in other people’s lives. As a Clear Path caregiver, you have the opportunity to do rewarding work that allows our clients to remain in their home where they are the most comfortable, happy, and content. 

In order to provide the best care, we use a thorough screening and registration process when adding caregivers to our team. Caregivers contracted with Clear Path will be matched to meet the individual needs of our clients. Since client needs vary, we are able to offer a wide range of care options and work schedules.

Home Care Jobs in Denton, TX with Clear Path Home Care
Home Care Jobs in Denton, TX with Clear Path Home Care

Apply To Be A Care Professional for Clear Path Home Care

Clear Path care professionals will have the opportunity to work in a rewarding environment that allows our clients to remain at home where they are the most comfortable, happy, and content. To begin the journey and join our registry, please fill out an online registration form, upload your resume, complete all applicable fields and click to submit. 

Time to Rethink Your Health Care Career?

On a crossroad, many people are overwhelmed by the decision to change. You’re here because you know deep down that your DNA is built for home care work – it’s who you were made to be and what life has brought you together with.

Home Care Jobs in Denton, TX with Clear Path Home Care
Home Care Jobs in Denton, TX with Clear Path Home Care

This Could Change Your Life for the Better!

Do you have a big heart that makes customers feel well cared for and comfortable?

“As a caregiver for seniors, looking for flexible hours so as not to miss any time at home with my family…I absolutely love what I do.”

Top Home Care in Denton, TX by Clear Path Home Care

Considering Changing Careers?

If you’ve ever wanted to help people and make a difference in their lives, becoming an aide could be the perfect next step. Since 1989, home healthcare has been on the rise because of our aging population. The Department of Labor predicts that by 2024 there will be over 1 million jobs available for this position! Home care aides are responsible for providing support with personal hygiene duties like bathing or assisting clients using toilet facilities; meal preparation tasks such as slicing fruits/vegetables or preparing meals from scratch; light housekeeping projects also including folding clothes and tidying up rooms. It’s important work but it can often feel rewarding too – knowing how much someone appreciates your assistance is priceless!

Companion Care at Home in Denton, TX by Clear Path Home Care

Want to Make a Difference in Someone’s Life?

Being a home healthcare aide is not just about the job. It’s about making an impact on lives every day through compassion and service. As caregivers, we have the opportunity to make life easier for people who are depending on us—and there’s nothing like it! Your compassionate heart and desire to serve others are exactly what our team looks for in candidates looking to join their ranks as senior care providers or aides.

Alzheimer's In-Home Care in Denton, TX by Clear Path Home Care

Want to Change Careers Within Healthcare?

What if you could get back to the heart of caregiving? Home Care gives you the ability to provide your patients with personalized, specialized care at their home. You will have full visibility into a patient’s health and be able to provide them with unique treatments that are necessary for achieving goals they set out themselves!

Caring for others is what has made this profession so important; it’s why many people decided on pursuing careers in nursing or medicine. But somewhere along the way things changed — there was less time spent providing individualized personal attention while more paperwork had been piling up than ever before. What if something as simple as changing professions could help bring about change within yourself?

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