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How to Keep Your Aging Stomach Healthy

Ask for home care for more help with other tasks so you can focus on important things like caring for an aging stomach.
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Believe it or not, there are many ways that age can impact your stomach and it can be hard to keep it healthy after many years on this planet. Nutrition and exercise become more important as you age and it is crucial you know how to care for your aging stomach. Here are some of the best tips you can use to ensure you are caring for your stomach properly.

Look at Food Quality

As your body ages the amount of calories you need to survive may change and paired with lower taste and smell levels, this can mean you eat much less than you used to. This may be true for even very healthy elderly adults. It can be natural. However, what you eat will play a huge role in how well you feel and how well your body performs. By focusing on the quality of food versus anything else, you will feel better and also fuel your body in the best way possible. If you naturally eat more processed foods it can negatively impact your body. By eating fresh produce and making healthier choices when it comes to the quality of ingredients you’re consuming, you will get better nutritional value and be able to age in place for much longer. It’s time to start looking at what you’re buying because the fresher your food is and the higher-quality it is the better your stomach will feel throughout the day.

Focus on Smaller Portions

Big meals can be hard to finish as a senior, impractical, and hard to cook even if you have home care, and it often goes to waste after a day or two anyway. So, instead of asking home care to help you cook massive meals for a family, ask them to help prepare you fresh, high-quality snacks. Often, snacks can be just as rewarding and healthy as a full meal. You may find that focusing on smaller portions or snack-sized meals that you eat more throughout the day doesn’t feel as forced. Keep in mind that you should always listen to your body because that will ultimately help you keep your stomach healthier in the long run.

Look for Healthier Fats

Fat is in almost everything but it is not always the enemy. Finding healthier fats like avocados or nuts can help keep your aging stomach healthy. Avoiding high-sugar foods and trans fats will also keep your stomach feeling much better. Filling up on things like cookies and donuts can leave you feeling constipated, sluggish, drained, and sometimes even worse things. You need to be focusing on finding fresh and healthy fats to keep your stomach well-balanced. Fat is a necessary part of your diet but not all fat is created equal. If you need help learning what to eat and what to avoid, this is a good discussion to have with your trusted primary care doctor.

Think Tasks Through

As you get older things naturally get more challenging. This is not your fault and it happens to many seniors. The best thing you can do is rely on home care or family members to help with tasks. Things like grocery shopping may be a challenge, driving to the store for fresh produce, or even just carrying bags around can hurt. It’s time to ask for home care for more help so you can focus on important things like caring for an aging stomach.

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