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Start the New Year With Help For Your Mom

Home Care in Allen TX
Home Care in Allen TX

As 2023 arrives, it’s a good time to take a closer look at all that home care can do to help your mom. She wants to age at home, but her health is changing and your priority is her well-being. Home care helps you both get what you want.

Your Mom’s Health Is Changing

As she gets older, your mom’s health is changing. As that happens, her mobility, ability to safely drive, and daily activities change. She must have the support she needs to stay safe and take care of herself.

Your mom needs someone to help her remember when and how to take her medications. She can’t remember if she takes her morning pills on an empty stomach or with a meal. Her afternoon pills have to be taken with a full glass of water, and she often forgets to drink enough. Caregivers can help her with all of this.

Has her doctor told her to lose weight and get more exercise? Your mom may lack the confidence to walk on her own. Have a caregiver with her each day to join her for walks or encourage her to use her exercise equipment at home.

Her caregiver can cook healthier meals that match her nutritional needs. If she’s been told to cut the salt from her meals, your mom’s caregiver can help her with that. She’ll be able to avoid frozen dinners and canned soups and have home-cooked meals each day.

Housekeeping Chores Are Difficult

Your mom has a harder time completing her routine housekeeping chores. She has a hard time carrying her vacuum up and down the stairs to the bedrooms, so she continually skips vacuuming up there unless you stop by to carry it for her.

As her laundry room is in the basement, your mom doesn’t like walking up and down the basement stairs. She washes clothing in her sink and dries it outside or asks for a ride to the laundromat instead. A caregiver can do the laundry for her.

Home care providers can dust, wash dishes, and put items away. They can sort the mail for your mom, recycle the flyers and junk mail, and put bills on a calendar or organizer to make sure they’re paid on time.

Schedule Home Care Services

How do you get started? Work with your mom on the things she does well on her own and where she feels it’s difficult to get things done. Put the difficult tasks on a list. Those are the home care services you want her to have.

Kick off the New Year by talking to a home care specialist about your mom. You’ll have the answers you need in terms of pricing and schedules, and your mom has home care services to help her stay in her current home without risking her health and safety.

If you or an aging loved one are considering home care in Allen, TX, please contact the caring staff at Clear Path Home Care today. Call 817-928-5788

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