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How Do You Help Your Senior to Stay in Her Home?

24-Hour Home Care in Celina TX
24-Hour Home Care in Celina TX

If your senior family member wants to remain in her own home for as long as she possibly can, you and she need a plan. That plan needs to be flexible, but it also needs to offer her the stability that she needs in order to live the life she wants to live. To meet that goal, you’re going to have to do some digging into what will help your elderly family member the most.

Determine Your Senior’s Needs

Some of the issues that could cause your elderly family member to have to leave her home could include trouble with daily tasks, problems with mobility, and household tasks. In order to come up with solutions to these needs, you have to understand exactly what your elderly family member is up against. Work with her doctors and talk with your elderly family member about how you can help to make her life easier.

Look into Safety Concerns

Safety is one of the biggest reasons your elderly family member might be forced to leave her home. Being as proactive as you can about safety concerns is going to help your elderly family member to be able to meet her goals. Home modifications and help from 24-hour home care are two of the most common ways to improve safety for your senior.

Find Ways to Help Her to Conserve Her Energy

Conservation of energy is a solution that helps your elderly family member to be able to do what she needs and wants to do without neglecting anything vital. Home care professionals can take care of things like household tasks, enabling your senior to focus on what she can still do herself. Keeping a handle on her energy levels helps her to stay within her limits and avoid over-exertion.

Solve Problems Related to ADLs

ADLs are activities of daily living. These are tasks like getting out of bed, maintaining personal hygiene, and eating meals. Your elderly family member may have difficulty with some ADLs, but not others. She may also find that some days are better than others, leaving her with either more or less energy in the tank to face necessary daily tasks. That’s when it’s helpful for your senior to have access to 24-hour home care professionals who can be there the instant she needs help.

Reassess Periodically and Offer New Solutions

Your elderly family member’s needs aren’t necessarily a consistent situation. She may have health issues that are gradually worsening or she may find that her abilities fluctuate often. It’s important that you and your elderly family member periodically reassess what is working for her and what isn’t. This allows you to keep putting answers in place that meet her actual needs.

The key to helping your senior family member to age in place is to meet her where she is. There’s no one answer that is going to work for every family and every situation. Your elderly family member may even find that what works for her today doesn’t work as well next week. Staying on top of her needs helps you both to feel more prepared.

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