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Teach Your Dad How the Most Common Scams Work

Companion Care at Home in Highland Village TX
Companion Care at Home in Highland Village TX
Companion Care at Home in Highland Village TX
Companion Care at Home in Highland Village TX

For 2023, teaching your dad about the most common scams is the best way to help him avoid being fooled. Per the FBI, five types of fraud occur most often. Here are a few things to know about these scams and how companion care at home can help your senior avoid being compromised.

Tech Support Scams

Your dad’s computer goes whacky and it tells him to call a number to get it fixed. Or, he gets a call that his computer has a virus and the company needs to help him get rid of it. These are common.

Make sure he has updated security software on his computers. If he does get a pop-up. Tell him to leave his computer alone until someone can get to his house to help him.

Non-Payment or Non-Delivery

Your dad gets a call or email that he hasn’t paid a bill. Or, he gets a message that his package couldn’t be delivered and he needs to call to have his package resent. He doesn’t remember ordering anything that would require payment or delivery, but he wonders if he forgot.

Set up a system where he runs all purchases through you. You’ll know what he’s expecting and what he isn’t.

Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when someone pretends to be your dad. They may get hold of his credit card number after posing as his bank and saying his card has been flagged for suspicious activity.

Someone could steal your dad’s mail to get bank account information, Social Security information, or replacement credit cards and use them illegally. With data breaches and lists of SSNs, dates of birth, names, and mailing addresses being sold online, identity theft is easy to pull off. It’s another reason for him to regularly check his credit report and never answer a scam call.

Romance/Confidence Scams

A romance or confidence scam is tough as it preys on lonely people. Your dad is on Facebook, Instagram, or another social media account to look at pictures and updates from his grandchildren, children, and friends. A message pops up from someone he doesn’t know, so he answers it.

Soon, a friendship has formed. He thinks he’s in love or he has a new, very good friend. Once the scammer has built trust, your dad starts getting told sob stories about how they want to meet him, but they don’t have the money for a plane ticket. Or, they’re sick and can’t cover their medical bills.

There were more than 7,600 victims of romance or confidence scams in 2021. Make sure your dad knows that he should ignore strangers who message him. Change his settings to prevent strangers from being able to send him friend requests or messages.

Data Breaches

Data breaches are one of the worst as your dad may not have done a thing. One of the biggest was the Equifax breach where personal information was taken from Equifax servers due to one of their offices using a weak password.

The best your dad can do to protect himself from a data breach is to put a credit freeze in place. It will make people have to take additional steps before opening a new line of credit or applying for a loan. Help him put freezes in place for all three main bureaus and consider Innovis, too.

It’s also important for your dad to check his credit report each year. Help him access it and go over the accounts on it.

Is your dad having a harder time answering the phone and knowing if it’s a legitimate call? Is he easily convinced on the phone or through emails or social media? Arrange companion care at home services.

His caregiver will stop by each week and help him check emails, go through his mail, and screen calls to verify what is legitimate and what isn’t. Learn more about companion care at home by making a call.


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