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4 Ways to Help A Senior Parent With Night-Time Anxiety

24-Hour Home Care in Lewisville TX
24-Hour Home Care in Lewisville TX

For seniors with anxiety, the night time can be very difficult. Seniors that are living alone may have much more anxiety at night because they are worried about crime, about falling, or just being alone at night. It can be difficult to leave your senior parent alone at night if you need to go home to your family or if you work at night and can’t be with them. But there are some things that you can do to help your senior parent overcome their night time anxiety like:

Rely on 24-Hour Home Care

With 24-hour home care your senior loved one will have someone with them and awake all night long. They will be able to relax and sleep much better knowing that someone is there to help them if they need help. And you will love the peace of the mind of knowing that your senior parent isn’t alone and anxious. When seniors have 24-hour home care, they usually have a much easier time sleeping and they feel much more secure staying in their homes. They also appreciate having company and someone to talk with at night when they watch TV or wind down from the day.

Call At A Set Time Each Night

Nightly check in calls can provide some reassurance for your senior parent and for you. Knowing that your senior parent is ok can make it easier for you to sleep. And hearing your voice and knowing that you would come to help them if something happened will help your senior parent sleep better. Quick check in calls are a great way to touch base and reassure your senior parent each night so they feel safer and more secure at home.

Get Cameras

Cameras can be a real game-changer when it comes to home security and making seniors feel safe. If there are cameras in the home you will be able to pull up those cameras and check in on your senior parent at any time throughout the night. And a camera doorbell will let you and your senior loved one know how is at the door immediately if someone comes to the door. Seniors can use an app to answer the door without opening it through the doorbell and that will help them stay safe in their homes at night.

Make The House As Secure As Possible

Another way that you can make seniors feel safer at home is to give their home a safety overhaul. Put in motion activated lights and security cameras. Check to make sure all the window and door locks work. Put up light blocking curtains so people can’t see inside at night. Taking little steps to improve the safety and security of the home can help your senior loved one feel more secure when they’re home alone at night. A care provider that is in the home at night can also do a nightly check of the property and make sure that all the security elements are working properly.

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