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Questions to Ask Before Your Dad Comes Home After a Stroke

Post-Hospital Care in Denton TX
Post-Hospital Care in Denton TX

Almost 800,000 Americans have a stroke each year. Generally, that stroke is an ischemic stroke, meaning a blood clot or plaque restricts blood flow within the brain. This type of stroke accounts for 87% of all strokes. Hemorrhagic strokes are the other type, and they occur when a blood vessel in the brain ruptures. Your dad is in the hospital and will soon be coming home. One thing his doctors have made clear is that post-hospital care is essential. Make sure you ask these questions to know exactly what services are important.

What Is His Post-Hospital Care Plan?

Depending on the severity of the stroke, your dad may have a long recovery ahead of him. He’ll be more comfortable at home in his bed and with his things.

But, you need to know the weekly schedule for things like physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. How often does he need his blood pressure recorded and shared with his doctors? Will he need blood work drawn?

He’s going to be taking blood thinners. Is he going to need any IV fluids, injectable medications, or a feeding tube? Many of these components of his care plan are not things you can do on your own. Your dad’s doctor will advise you that skilled nurses are necessary if he’s going home.

Will His Home Need Adaptive Equipment?

Is your dad’s home going to support his recovery? If he requires a wheelchair, is his home’s lower level equipped with all that he needs? If he has a flight of stairs to get into the home, is a ramp possible? Are the doorways wide enough?

Ideally, he has to have a main living area with a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living area. If his bedrooms are all upstairs and the bathroom is on the main level, it’s problematic. You may have to consider a stair lift, shower seat, and other equipment that helps him complete daily routines.

Will He Fully Recover?

Sometimes, the damage from a stroke will impact your dad for life. He may never fully regain his speech. He might never be able to walk without assistance. You need to know how much of a recovery is possible and what it will take.

If he’s always going to be in a wheelchair, he may need to downsize to a single-level condo that has an elevator or is on the ground floor. He’s going to need hallways and doorways that are wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

How Far In Advance Should I Make the Arrangements?

Ask how much advance notice is required. Some agencies have more nurses available than others. They may need time to make sure your dad has support, which can mean staying in the hospital for a few extra days. They’ll work it out with your family and with your dad’s medical team.

Once you know the answers to these questions. Call a post-hospital care advisor to discuss your dad’s care needs. You’ll find out what the pricing is and be able to schedule services to coincide with his return home.


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