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How to Help a Senior Parent With Arthritis Live Safely at Home

With elder care, seniors have a care provider at the house with them who can help do things like cook meals, clean up, and get around the house safely.
Elder Care in Abilene TX

Living with arthritis can make it difficult for seniors to stay safe at home. The pain and joint swelling associated with arthritis can make it difficult for seniors to do everyday tasks like open the refrigerator, go up or down stairs safely, get out of bed, get dressed, pour a glass of water, or even get up from a chair.

If your senior parent has arthritis that is causing them to struggle living independently but they want to continue living at home, elder care can help. With elder care, seniors have a care provider at the house with them who can help do things like cook meals, clean up, and get around the house safely. Elder care providers can also help your senior parent get to the hair salon, the grocery store, or even the doctor’s office.

Getting elder care for a senior parent with arthritis is one way to help them be safe and happy at home. You can also:

Modify the Home

Make sure that your senior parent’s home is easy for them to get around without tripping or falling. Remove area rugs, or tack down the rugs that are there. Use cord keepers to get electrical cords off the floor so they’re not a tripping hazard. Remove clutter and décor from walkways and hallways so that seniors can move around easily. Consider adding railings or grab bars in spots like the bottom of the stairs, the hallway, and the kitchen as well as in bathrooms. Change faucets, cabinet hardware, and drawer pulls and install new ones that are made to be easy for seniors to grab.

Buy Joint-Friendly Tools and Equipment

Buying your senior parent assistive devices and adaptive equipment designed to reduce strain on their joints will make it easier for them to be safe and independent. Some good tools to buy include ergonomic kitchen utensils with padded handles, electric jar openers, reaching and gripping aids, and aids for dressing that can help with buttons, zippers, and sliding socks over feet. Smart devices that can play music and smart plugs that make the TV, coffee pot, and other appliances voice-activated can help too.

Get Home Health Care

Home health care professionals can help your senior parent with medication management. Making sure that your senior parent takes the medications prescribed for their condition on time every day can make a big difference in the amount of chronic pain that your senior parent suffers from. Typically seniors who have arthritis take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs), and corticosteroids, to control inflammation and alleviate pain.

Install Smart Devices for Safety

Motion-activated lights are a fantastic way to prevent your senior parent from falling at home. Lights that go on when your senior parent moves around eliminate the need for your senior loved one to grope the wall for a light switch or try to turn on a lamp. Voice-activated lamps and other devices are also great for preventing falls and increasing safety at home.

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