Remote Patient Monitoring

Clear Path Home Care together with Caren RPM is excited to offer Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). This voice application allows our patients and caregivers to track, read and share a patient’s vitals in real time. The application tracks:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse
  • %SpO2
  • Respirations
  • Weight
  • Glucose
  • Pain
  • Temperature

Observations can also be recorded, such as symptoms, photos, falls, or ER visits. Clear Path will provide a blood pressure machine, pulse oximeter, weight scale, and a thermometer which allows our patients to start using the application immediately. Clear Path’s Registered Nurse will monitor our patients daily readings, which allows direct feedback to the patient or medical professional.

The benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring are the ability to prevent major medical events before they occur. Our agency can communicate vitals to the patient’s doctor, home health or hospice upon demand. To learn more about this ground breaking technology, watch the video below about the advantages of Caren RPM or click the link to read more about this amazing new solution for in-home patient care.

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