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Maintaining and having independence while people age is important. Losing independence is one of the biggest worries and fears seniors have. A majority number of seniors want to stay in their homes; it is understandable. According to some studies, 1 out of 5 U.S adults age 85 and above say they either require or presently get assistance with their daily tasks and activities. Is there any way to get the same level of care and still be as independent?

Yes, there us! You call it Assisted Living.

When an aging loved one requires more assistance than family members can safely give at home, a senior assisted living community can be a perfect solution for the family. By providing a caregiver that is warm and welcoming, Clear Path Home Care focuses on building an environment where you and your aging loved one feel welcome, safe, secure, and comfortable.

Each senior assisted living community is committed and dedicated to creating a welcoming, warm, and safe environment that is an extension of your home and family. The families will benefit from this program, as they trust us and our senior patients are happy to call Clear Path Home Care.

Our Assisted Living residents get the right amount of assistance and support, so they can feel safe and independent. With support from our Care Relationship Managers, seniors will receive outstanding care which advocates a safe and independent environment for them.

What Does Assisted Living Provide?

Let just simply say that Assisted Living Communities provide the seniors individualized care in a community setting. They are intended for seniors whose well-being or health needs a higher level of assistance. It is determined through a comprehensive health evaluation by the community based on the state regulations. Aside from that, Assisted Living also offers a healthy lifestyle. It also makes the seniors socially engaged and active.

Perhaps, the most common Assisted living services provided to include the following: Medication Management, assisting in daily tasks like bathing, dressing, grooming, and incontinence. It also provides services such as housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, transport services. Social programs and activities are generally included as well.

Assisted Living Staff is available 24 hours and 7 days a week to assist the seniors with care, safety, and support. Senior residents are encouraged to bring their personal stuff like furniture and other items to make their new home feel like their home.

Senior residents are evaluated when they move in, so they can receive a personalized care service plan to meet their particular needs and make their care more personal. There are some assisted living communities that are licensed to offer memory care. With that, it will often have separate dining rooms and menus based on the nutritional needs of the residents.

What Are the Daily Living Activities in the Assisted Living Community?

The most common reason why seniors go to the assisted living community is the need for help with their daily living activities. Those seniors who are looking for support typically require at least two everyday tasks.

Studies have shown residents the most common daily living activities needs:

  • 64% need help with bathing
  • 57% need help with walking
  • 48% need help with dressing
  • 40% need help with toileting
  • 29% need help with bed transfer
  • 19% need help with eating

What is an Assisted Living Community Like?

Assisted Living communities are a lot more like an independent living setting, offering the same levels of lifestyle and social benefits. They also provide specially designed plans and opportunities adjusted for the residents. There are currently more than 25,000 assisted living communities in the United States. It simply means there is an assisted living community to fit every senior’s preferences and needs. While the types of the assisted living environment may differ from high-rise buildings to huge campuses, and everything in between, the approach and care are the same. Assisted Living Communities treat them fairly, with dignity and respect, provide privacy and convenience, most importantly encourage independence. Since Assisted Living is regulated in all states in the US, ensure to check the regulations in your state.

What Are the Benefits of Assisted Living?

Assisted living can provide more benefits aside from being a helping hand to the residents. It can make the life of the resident significantly better and can make the caregiver’s (usually a loved one’s) life easier.

When an aging loved one moves into an assisted living community, 87% of seniors and 78% of their family members reportedly feel satisfied or extremely satisfied with their experience in the assisted living community. How will you know it may be the ideal time for your loved one to enter into an assisted living community? Think about the years ago or now, and see if you can remember any of these problems, which can be criteria for assisted living:

  • They have some records of falls at least once or twice, with or without injury.
  • They cannot prepare a meal for themselves or they find it difficult.
  • You have observed signs of hunger or they do not meet the nutrition that they need.
  • They cannot move safely around the house.
  • They need more help when it comes to bathing, dressing, grooming, managing their medication, and other daily activities.
  • You worry they feel isolated or care about their safety.

If any of these signs have arisen, it may be ideal and worth your time to learn more about assisted living options.

As your family and your loved one think carefully about Assisted Living Community as an option, remember that it is not about giving the independence up or the good parts of life. It is about getting the right amount of support and assistance. Assisted Living can be a good way to maintain a higher quality of life and at the same time enjoy the independence of your loved one.

Find the qualified Assisted Living Communities in your area.

Let us look after your aging loved ones. With Clear Path Home Care, we ensure your family and your senior loved one receives the best and highest level of care in Denton.

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