Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care

What is Dementia?

Dementia is a syndrome adults can develop which causes a loss of memory, loss of thought clarity, and loss of mental reasoning. Alzheimer’s is a disease that is the most common within the Dementia syndrome umbrella. Most people who develop dementia and/or Alzheimer’s are reaching an advanced age. However, forms of both dementia and Alzheimer’s can occur much earlier in life.

How Can Clear Path Home Care Help?

Clear Path Home Care offers certified Dementia and Alzheimer’s Client Relations Director to develop a plan to care for our clients with cognitive disabilities including Dementia. Secondly, we work directly with family members to educate and prepare for what the future holds for their loved ones with dementia. Behind your Client Relations professionals is a team of Care Relationship Managers who work to ensure the most experienced caregiver is assigned to the client with dementia.

Our caregivers are selected based on their experience, background, and personality. Each caregiver is required to train through our online Care Academy training program. Advanced caregivers go on to take and specialize in training to help clients with dementia.

Dementia Tools

While there is no cure for dementia or Alzheimer’s, there are medications and techniques available that can help mitigate symptoms. Our leadership team continues to develop Dementia and Alzheimer’s training programs that our caregivers utilize to help our clients. One such program created by HippoCampus HQ is called Brainy Day Activities. Click on the picture to learn more about this amazing program.

This program helps to enhance the lives of our dementia clients with simple games and activities. It also allows for re-direction of a client that is frustrated or anxious.