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Six Things to Do to Help Keep Your Dad Healthy in 2023

Elder Care in Comanche TX
Elder Care in Comanche TX

As 2023 gets off to a start, you’re already thinking of this year’s resolutions. One of your priorities is to focus on your dad’s health. Here are six things you can do this year that help keep your dad healthy.

Install Air and Water Purifiers If He Doesn’t Have Them

Does your dad have an air purifier in his main living areas? If not, invest in one to help remove dust and allergens. It will help him feel more comfortable and avoid a stuffy nose as dust and dander build up. An air purifier in his bedroom is especially helpful as it clears dust and pollutants and provides white noise.

If he doesn’t already have a water treatment system in place, it’s important to consider it. Older homes may have piping that used lead solder. Look into having his water tested if he’s on a private well. There could be other contaminants in his water, especially if his home is on land that was once farmland or is near an industrial setting.

Help Him Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Your dad needs to aim for seven to eight hours of sleep each night. If he’s falling short of that, it’s time to change things. He might need to go to bed earlier. If he wakes early in the morning and can’t get back to sleep, try to pinpoint what woke him up.

Did a neighbor come home and let out a dog after working the night shift? A white noise machine can be useful for blocking out noises. If your dad wakes up needing to use the bathroom, consider having him stop drinking water, coffee, tea, etc. several hours before he goes to bed.

Make Dietary Changes

Look over what your dad eats each day. He should be eating fresh fruits and vegetables, protein, dairy for calcium, fish for omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber from whole grains. Make sure he’s eating enough to meet those requirements and not filling up on junk food.

Get Him Up an Active

Ideally, your dad should get 30 or more minutes of moderate activity each day. If he doesn’t, it’s time to encourage him to get up and engage in activity. Take a walk with him if you can. Purchase a treadmill or exercise bike, or look for a free one online in groups like Freecycle.

Take Him Out to Socialize With Others

Your dad needs to stay social. Loneliness and isolation can impact his mental and physical health. Bring him to social events at area senior centers, libraries, and community centers. He could volunteer and meet others.

Schedule Elder Care Services

Ring in the New Year by making sure your dad has the support he needs each week. Call an elder care agency and ask to talk to an advisor about prices, services, and the right schedule for your dad’s needs.

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