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Questions Families Ask About 24-Hour Home Care

24-Hour Home Care in Comanche TX
24-Hour Home Care in Comanche TX

Your mom needs someone with her all day and night. Daily caregiver visits just aren’t enough. However, you have a lot of questions. Here’s a quick guide to some of the questions that families ask frequently about 24-hour home care.

Are 24-Hour Caregivers Able to Do More Tasks Than Regular Caregivers?

Many families believe that 24-hour caregivers can do extra things such as administer oxygen treatments, help with insulin injections or pumps, or set up a C-Pap machine before bed. It’s important that you realize that 24-hour caregivers perform the same tasks as other caregivers.

If your mom needs something related to health care, she will need certified nursing services for that. However, with 24-hour home care,  she can have someone to cook meals and prepare snacks, sit with her when she’s scared or lonely, and help her get ready for bed.

Her caregivers can clean her home, do the laundry, and help her with grooming and hygiene. She has transportation to appointments and when she has errands to run. If she wants to go for a walk, her caregiver is there for support.

Does the Caregiver Move In?

Many families believe that 24-hour home care means a caregiver moves in. That’s not correct. Instead, a team of caregivers works a number of hours. When one caregiver’s shift is due to end, another caregiver arrives in time to take over.

Your mom may end up with three caregivers working eight-hour shifts or two caregivers working 12-hour shifts. If someone can’t make it due to a family emergency, illness, or car troubles, replacements are sent to ensure your mom is never alone.

Do You Get Updates? Are Services Easily Changed?

When your mom has caregivers with her every day and night, you can ask to be kept updated. If she has an issue or isn’t responding well to caregivers, you’ll know and have the chance to discuss additional services, if needed, or come up with changes to the care plan as her needs change.

She may recover enough to no longer need overnight care. If that’s the case, you can return to daily caregiver visits instead.

How Are Pets Handled?

What if your mom has a dog or cat? When she needs 24-hour home care services, are pets a problem? You hate the thought of taking her dog away from her, but you’re not sure what happens with the dog when your mom’s caregivers are there day and night.

Professional caregivers do realize that clients have pets. If your mom’s dog is shy or nervous around new people, you will need to slowly introduce them or make sure the dog is confined to a room or crate when the caregiver is around.

When you call to talk about 24-hour home care with an advisor, make sure you ask about your mom’s pet. If any caregivers have allergies, they can arrange to have a caregiver who is comfortable around dogs or cats.

If you or an aging loved one are considering 24-hour home care in Comanche, TX, please contact the caring staff at Clear Path Home Care today. Call 254-559-2030
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